The health of the people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers as a state depend.
Benjamin Disraeli

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It was once stated that our health is a “gift.”  We’ve reached a time where advanced technologies make your health a largely controllable gift. 

The Gift of Wellness!

The capacity to touch the lives of hundreds of millions, even billions of human beings is very real.  Sharing the knowledge of new technologies and products is a task that will improve the quality of life and will ultimately advance human health!


We have yet to see how strong and healthy we can be.  Science and medicine have conclusively established that our potential life span is 120-130 years.

“...his days will be a hundred and twenty years.”

-Genesis 6:03

Paul Zane Pilzer, world-renowned economist, senior economic advisor to two White House administrations, multi-millionaire software entrepreneur, college professor and a noted author of three best selling books, predicted the beginning and massive expansion of the Internet before it happened. In his book, "The Next Trillion," he makes clear why the Wellness Industry will grow to and even surpass the $1 trillion health care Industry (the sickness business) in the next ten years, as the wealth made from chronic illness and disease treatments will shift to the management, prevention and deficiency part of wellness.

“Today there is no better example of God’s hand at work than the emerging wellness industry and the positive economic forces behind the revolution that is about to take place.”
Paul Zane Pilzer, The Next Trillion


"The opportunity to make an incredible fortune by doing incredible good in the greatest industry on earth—wellness."


            - Paul Zane Pilzer, The Wellness Revolution



The successful entrepreneur is simply a person who sees a trend coming and gets there first with the products or services that will be in demand  

It's in the news everyday:

  • Degenerative Disease

  • Autoimmune Disease

  • Anti-biotic Resistant Infections

Let’s face it!

"We’ve reached a time where our physical and environmental stresses, compounded by poor nutrition (missing nutrients), are the source of our world’s drastic change in health. Research that has followed Americans’ immune system functions reveals that within the past fifteen years over 25% of natural killer cell function (immune system- your first line of defense) has been lost due to toxins, viruses, and daily stresses."

"A report from the National Academy of Sciences in the year 2000 stated that our foods contain less than half the nutrient value/content we once thought. A typical modern diet may not provide all of the nutrition we need."

Many are turning to alternatives-dietary supplements for an improved level of wellness.

“50% of patients had or were using some form of Alternative Medicine”

-JAMA May 2, 1997


"Maintaining health and reducing risk of disease is at the forefront of many consumers' minds as they age."

- IFIC's "2011 Foods for Health Survey"

Educated Baby Boomers Are Driving a Shift in Philosophy

Baby Boomers Want:

  • Youth

  • Vitality

  • Prevention

  • And Maintenance

They've come to realize drugs could be:

  • Too Toxic

  • Too Expensive

  • Too Unreliable

  • Too Unpredictable

“A demand for new products and services
is exploding beyond borders.”

An ever-growing market of consumers looking for the best quality-products with the best possible results!

Today there is a huge paradigm shift where more people than ever before are taking a personal responsibility for their own health and being concerned with maintaining the quality of life.  This has heightened the use and interest of Nutraceuticals Consumers are turning away from consuming more material goods and instead are seeking to achieve internal self-improvement with natural products.


Because of the recent breakthroughs in biology and cellular biochemistry, the "Wellness Industry" has emerged to become the next big thing in the twenty first century, as it has become a demand that is growing every day!


This knowledge is critical for those that are business-minded and are researching the latest technology and economic trends.  As per Paul Zane Pilzer, world-renowned economist, the greatest economic opportunities that lie ahead within the next decade are in the “Wellness Industry.”


A large share of the world market will belong to those who provide the most unique, effective, and credible solutions to “Optimal Health.”

The knowledge shared above has covered key elements of an economic trend for Wellness Products!  The "Wellness Industry" is here!

  • 1 Billion Educated Baby Boomers want youth, vitality, prevention and maintenance. They're  seeking natural health to look and feel healthier
  • People are taking a personal responsibility for their health and maintaining the quality of life by seeking superior products that provide the best results possible
  • 50% of patients had or were using some form of "alternative medicine"
  • Wellness is a concept future GENERATIONS will conform to!
  • The “Wellness Industry” will grow to and even surpass the $1 trillion health care Industry
  • Because of breakthroughs and advances in technology, the “Wellness Industry” has emerged to become the next big thing in the twenty first century!
  • Wealth made from chronic illness and disease treatments will shift to the management, prevention and deficiency part of wellness.  

It’s the Perfect Timing of an Economic Trend- The “Wellness Industry” is here!

"Eventually one company will emerge as the
'Microsoft' of the Nutraceutical Industry."

-The Future Of Nutraceuticals, Jim Wagner,
Nutritional Outlook, June/July 2002


“Our economy is going to be more, not less, entrepreneurial.  The information economy is not based on economies of scale the same way.  It’s based on what’s in your head, your ability to exploit ideas and information.  That will continue and even intensify."

William B. Gartner, the Henry W. Simonsen Chair in Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business in Los Angeles

Teaching consumers about such products and services, or intellectual distribution, is the greatest entrepreneurial opportunity now and for the foreseeable future."

-Paul Zane Pilzer,  World Renowned Economist

Wouldn't you like to make a living by making a difference?


If you like meeting and helping people, then you already have what it takes to make a difference in this world! There's a Chinese proverb that goes something like this; Find a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life.


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