If we doctors threw all our medicines into the sea, it would be that much better for our patients and that much worse for the fish.

  Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes, MD

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This page provides insight on the three key nutritional elements which are believed to optimize the human bodyís physiological functions.  Key elements from natural sources which are believed to support physiological functions such as cellular communication, healing, proper nourishment, cellular repair, removal of toxins, and defense against germs, viruses and bacteria. 


Letís face it, we donít always eat what we should.


Systems of the human body have been targeted for Optimal Health:

  • The Immune System

  • The Endocrine System (hormone regulation system)

  • And Cellular Communication

1.  Today scientists are aware that plant foods improve the immune response, thus enhancing the immune systemís ability to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and any other diseases that would plague cells.


2.  They are also aware that the endocrine system produces hormones, which help drive cells for recovery and healing, as well as enhance the immune system response.


3.  Finally, they understand that cells must recognize and communicate messages to make all of the above and other complex functions of the human body possible- thus perform at optimal levels. 

Cellular communication enables physiological processes to occur.


Key Nutritional Components Support Wellness


Only recently have phytochemicals been discovered which support your bodyís defense systems.  You donít have to be a medical professional today to know that garlic and onions strengthen and enhance your immune system.  Phytochemicals are believed to protect plants from solar radiation,  insect invasion, as well as fungi, viruses and diseases.  There are over 4,000 newly identified phytochemicals believed to be associated in aiding and warding off diseases, viruses, and bacteria as well as prevent the multi steps associated with the development of cancers. 


There are also phytosterols which are raw materials for the body to use for endocrine support (the system that maintains hormonal balance in the body).  Phytosterols are precursors to the natural production of hormones your body manufactures.  A well-functioning endocrine system works in harmony with the bodyís immune system, thus helps support the efficient metabolism of fat and natural recovery from physical or emotional stress.  


Finally, plants supply us with glyconutrients These biological sugars serve not only as energy sources, but also as communication components cells use to support the body's own bio-network of cellular processes, functions and needs.  If there is no communication, your cells may not be able to perform the essential functions or even worse; may attack each other creating an ďauto-immune disorderĒ or any of an ever-expanding list of ailments rapidly emerging in our modern world. 


Your body has an Innate Ability to Maintain Overall Well Being.


Key Provisions From Nature for Optimal Wellness


It is now known that the ďfood distribution system does not meet your nutritional needs


Diet plays an important role in health and disease.  Glyconutrients, phytochemicals, and phytosterols are all important components for optimal wellness.  These nutrients are not readily available or guaranteed in our modern diets.  The combination of the three nutritional components comprises one of the most proactive ways to help ensure your body gets nutrients it needs daily for support of good health.


Nutritional supplements are designed to improve nutrition rather than treat disease or substitute for a doctorís care or proven therapy.  Everyone, regardless of state of health, can benefit from improved nutrition.


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