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There is no security on this earth; there is only opportunity.   
General Douglas MacArthur

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Network Marketing is not an overnight get-rich-quick-scheme.  Anyone who tries to sell you a get-rich-overnight-with-no-effort is just plain lying to you.


NO!  It's not a pyramid scheme! 


Network Marketing is about sharing the knowledge of a superior quality product or service to a network of people.  One can increase information distribution efforts with every new person informed. Any person can build an organization as little or as big as he/she wants.  Every individual is part of a group/team that can share the knowledge of the product or service and increase or even duplicate the efforts to bring on board: 

  • Business Builders
  • Professional Network Marketers
  • Distributors
  • And Consumers

"8,000 people a day, or 1 every 11 seconds,
join the home-based business boom."


Network Marketing makes use of the combined efforts of many individuals, giving each and everyone true leverage. To reach true leverage you must create a situation where everyone has the same to gain!  Only through the combined cooperative efforts of Network Marketing do you get this true sense of leverage where everyone has the SAME TO GAIN!


An Absolutely Fair and Equal Opportunity to Prosper!


I'll be very honest, Network Marketing requires effort and commitment, as does anything that yields rewards.  It is simply Information Distribution which can enrich the lives of those exposed to it.  

Today an impressive resume or years of seniority dictate salary or compensation.  What do these things have to do with productivity? Nothing!  If you bring more profits to a company or organization, than you deserve more profits than anyone else right?


That's what Network Marketing is all about!


"The Network Marketing Structure is the Absolute Fairest Structure Available!"


Everyone is rewarded proportionately to
his/her efforts of "Sharing The Knowledge."


What Knowledge-you ask?

In MLM you "Share The Knowledge" of a service or product that you and others benefit from.  If you think about it, we do this everyday.  When you recommend a good restaurant, a movie, or even a good babysitter- YOU'RE NETWORKING! 

"Most people do network marketing every day -
but they just do not get paid for it"
    -- Big Al Schreiter


Multi-Level-Marketing employs the powerful effects of word-of-mouth.


"Good Comes From Those Who Serve"


How does Multi Level Marketing work?


Very briefly; The concept of getting involved with a Quality Multi-Level-Marketing Company.   


Network Marketing is an exceptional business concept.

Do you know of any other business where:


    • You are your own boss
    • You work from the comfort of your home
    • You have no employees
    • Have a low cost turn-key start up
    • Make your own schedule
    • Allows you to spend more time with family and friends
    • You don't deal with a warehouse full of product
    • You're in business for yourself not by yourself


As a business builder you would focus on building and securing one leg at a time.  This will support the Fellow Associates enrolled in the sequence, even if they aren't interested in the business aspect. (Keep in mind 90% of Fellow Associates are consumers, while 10% to 15% are business builders.)  If any consumer should consider building a business later, a leg will have already been started.

It'll definitely promote a business building mindset!


As you "Share The Knowledge," you may eventually recruit a business builder like yourself.  Now there are two of you sharing the knowledge and your efforts are now doubled.  Sooner or later other business-minded Associates may "get it" and join your growing organization.  With each new business builder your efforts are doubled-tripled-quadrupled, etc. etc. 


Now, instead of being a "one-man force," you have the combined efforts of several Fellow Associates.  Depending on how diligent your efforts are, you may have initially put in anywhere from 10 to 80 hours per week. Now you have at least 10 new Associates putting in their enthusiastic work efforts.  If they're anywhere as passionate as you are, you'll have a total of 100 to 800 hours of leveraged work efforts per week! 

Do you think you can put in that many hours in one week?   

Would you rather put-in 80 hours a week, or wouldn't it be easier if 10 Associates put-in 8 hours each?  What about having 1,000 Associates each reach a minimum of 3 hours each?  Three hours a week hardly sounds like anything right?  Well your mere 3 hours a week has just multiplied and grown to a whopping 3,000 hours of "Sharing The Knowledge" of an excellent product or service!

This is true leverage of time and effort!  Leveraging in basic terms is- Multiplying Your Efforts


Word-of-mouth/relationship marketing is the most powerful form of distribution.  The power of a team "Sharing the Knowledge" grows exponentially.  It can be layers upon layers of Fellow Associates "Sharing the Knowledge."  An organization can be established that can literally taken on a life of it's own.


"The most successful people in the world look for and build networks, while everybody else just looks for work."
Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad, Poor Dad

How long do you think it would take you to develop such a leg?  Six months? 10 months? A year? 2 years? 


Imagine having accomplished this task.  Now imagine duplicating all of your efforts to reproduce yet another leg.  Network Marketers do it all the time. 


Business organizations will vary, depending on full or part time efforts.  Your business organization can be as big or as small as you want.  You can develop two legs, or you can "work it" and develop as many legs as you like!


Most people won't go out and build a bunch of legs.  In fact, most will tire out once they've built two.  However, once two self-driven legs have been established, those that have built them will reap the benefits of the residual income they generate.


The beauty of Residual Income is the tail end of it, not the front end.  Once established, you can have the stability of financial freedom along with the  freedom of time to do anything you want in life. 

Network Marketing is the only business concept where three key principles are applied to generate optimal results:

  • Leverage of time and efforts

  • Exponential growth or duplicatability

  • Residual income




"The most powerful-effective wave of inspiration you'll have
will almost certainly be in your initial business building efforts."  

There is a destiny that makes us brothers

None goes his way alone
All that we send into the lives of others

Comes back onto our own.

-Edwin Markham


There are millions worldwide with health problems seeking alternatives,
as there are millions searching for a way to attain financial freedom


According to the Louis Harris Poll, in the U.S., Health and Finances
are the two issues that keep 96% of people awake at night.


The masses are "out there" for you to reveal the knowledge of a
natural Discovery that can literally Change Global Health as we know it! 


If you've read this far, whether you know it or not, you have now
become a link
to all those you come in contact with! 


Billions of People World Wide Are
Unaware of The Discovery of Glyconutrients!


You're in the right place at the right time to take responsibility
for your own personal wellness and economic reality!  


It is God's will for us to help and carry each other as brothers and sisters.


"I am only one,

But still I am one.

I cannot do everything,

But still I can do something;

And because I cannot do everything

I will not refuse to do the something that I can do."

-Edward Everett Hale


One person alone cannot save the world, but many can certainly make a humbling difference.


I believe the discovery of glyconutrients will unite a great many by reawakening the faith and hope that lies within the brotherhood of humanity.  It is a ray of hope in these mediocre times we are in- a modern day version of good will working at full force, providing hope and health, while providing a means to a comfortable lifestyle by simply sharing the knowledge.


Arthur Schopenauer, 19th century philosopher, stated:

"Every truth passes through three stages before it is accepted.

In first, it is ridiculed,

In the second, it is opposed and

In the third, it is regarded as self-evident."

"With reference to diet, nutrition, nutritional supplementation and their impact on health, we are rapidly approaching the stage of being self-evident."   It is the inevitable. 


I'm inviting you to believe in and share this substantial gift of knowledge with the rest of the world. 


Remember! This is occurring by word-of-mouth!

Be part of a friendship of deep importance to help share the knowledge of Glyconutrients as well as:

  • Hope

  • Health

  • Opportunity 

Together we, as a people, are a Better Solution To Global Health and Worldwide Social Economy.

Sharing The Gift of Wellness,

Albert Jimenez


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