Happy is he who has found wisdom, and the man who has acquired understandings; for wisdom is more profitable than silver, and the gain she brings is better than gold.

                                                                     Proverbs 3:13-14

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Integrative Health  One doctor speaks out to other physicians and  writes a thesis emphasizing why doctors must integrate glyconutrient technology into their medical practice.

Nutrition: How Sweet It Is, By Hara Estroff Marano,

CFG: Consortium for Functional Glycomics, Funded by Medical Institute of General Medical Sciences.

Glyco Forum, A Guide to Day By Day Advancing Glycoscience.

American Nutraceutical Association: Providing quality education to health care professionals, consumers and manufacturers involved

The Mizuntani Foundation for Glycoscience:
The aim of this Foundation is to promote worldwide progress of glycoscience"The recognition of extra cellular signals given by hormones or other effectors is essential for regulating the intracellular metabolism, whereas a message transmitted from other cells may be an important means of intercellular communication."

Oxford Journal
Provides for the publication of full-length papers describing original research relating to the structure/function of glycoconjugates in the broadest sense.

Monosaccharide Database: This cool database lets you select a type of sugar and view it's biochemical structure.

Absorption of Monosaccharides: This page focuses on understanding the processes involved in assimilation of three carbohydrates: starch, lactose and sucrose.

DrugTopics.com- The Online Newsmagazine for Pharmacists
"Nutraceuticals represent a powerful new professional and marketing opportunity. Are you ready for it?
... The list of companies looking for a piece of the Nutraceutical action is expected to continue growing rapidly."  Click here to view article entitled "DON'T MISS THE BOAT."

The Future Of Nutraceuticals
The foundation has been set for a multi-billion dollar industry. Who will lead the way?

Interstellar Sugars:  Scientists discover sugars in space; "The discovery of this sugar molecule in a cloud from which new stars are forming means it is increasingly likely that the chemical precursors to life are formed in such clouds long before planets develop around the stars," said co-discoverer Jan M. Hollis of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

Life is Sweet: Sugar-Packing Asteroids May Have Seeded Life on Earth: A new study has found sugar-like substances in meteorites that are chips off old asteroid that fell to Earth. The newly found chemicals are considered critical ingredients for all living things, and the discovery adds to a growing pile of evidence suggesting that life on Earth was seeded from space billions of years ago.

GLYKO TOOLS FOR GLYCOBIOLOGY: Glyko provides the tools, expertise and services needed to perform glycoconjugate analysis for research, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical applications.



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