Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.   

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A Discovery to Support Optimal Health!


  The prefix “Glyco” is derived from the Greek word meaning sweet.

  • Glycomics is the total body of knowledge about sugars and how they function
  • Glycobiology is the study of how natural sugars impact living systems
  • Glycoscience is the term that encompasses all the specialties of glycobiology
  • Glyconutrients are natural plant sugars
  • Glyconutritionals are products that contain glyconutrients

Only recently have scientists discovered that every human cell with a nucleus is coated with sugar molecules.  Scientists from every country are now networking over the discovery of carbohydrates being the "basis for multi-cellular intelligence; the ability for cells to recognize, communicate, and work together to keep you healthy and balanced." 

Glyco means “sweet” and refers to saccharides, monosaccharides,
carbohydrates, or simple sugars- not to be confused with table sugar.

The pharmaceutical giants have deemed carbohydrate technology as:


The world’s largest pharmaceutical companies today are researching ways to synthesize carbohydrates and their functions within the human body.  The 2002 July issue of Scientific American is entitled Sweet Medicine: Building Better Drugs from Sugars. A new generation of drugs will be based on sugars- a neglected set of molecules."

Because of the profit motive, pharmaceutical giants are basically reinventing/synthesizing what is already provided from nature in a patentable and profitable drug form.

The March 23, 2001 issue of Science Magazine dedicated forty two pages of research to the newly emerged science of Glycobiology.  "Saving Lives with Sugar" is among several articles in this specially focused issue of Science. A journal for researchers and scientists; Science Magazine is published by Stanford University for the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

[Science Magazine's resources to organic chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry and glycobiology.]

In 1981 a pharmaceutical company identified the active component in aloe vera.  A carbohydrate named mannose was discovered

Have you ever wondered why aloe helps with scrapes, burns, and cuts, to name but a few of the long list of bodily ailments? 


In 1996 Harper’s Biochemistry, a medical text, listed eight carbohydrates now known to be essential for cellular structures and functions.  “About 200 monosaccharides are found in nature, however only eight are commonly found in…. the chains of glycoproteins.”   Mannose, from the aloe vera plant, was one of the eight sugars listed in Harper's Biochemistry


Five of the eight sugars are found in human breast milk.  Breast milk has been speculated to be an excellent source for immune system development and overall health.

The rest of the sugars are processed out of the foods distributed
in the food chain or are not readily available.

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Do you think humanity could benefit if these sugars were re-introduced into the Global Food Chain?

It has been understood by scientists that the body can benefit by supplementing the necessary sugars in the daily diet for optimal cell-to-cell communication.  This strategy is simple- if you increase the intake of essential sugars needed for optimal cell-to-cell communication, optimal health may be enhanced.

"A report from the National Academy of Sciences in the year 2000 stated that our foods contain less than half the nutrient value/content we once thought. A typical modern diet may not provide all of the nutrition we need. "

"The composition of the carbohydrate complex will correct the problem caused by modern diets consisting of highly refined foods, from which many essential ingredients have been eliminated during processing, specifically- sugars needed for correctly structured and properly functioning glycoproteins.”


A simple scientific focus was to apply proper nutrition- "The Science of Optimal Health:"

  • The body knows how to maintain proper health
  • The cell is the basic unit of the body.
  • Healthy cells make healthy bodies.
  • Cells communicate, and the better they communicate, the healthier they will be.


Instead of developing synthetic carbohydrates as the drug companies are attempting to do, the natural, plant-derived glyconutritional blend for cellular processes has been developed.  An entire line of products have been developed based on this technology. 


What We Know:

  • Mannose was discovered in 1981 in the Aloe Vera plant
  • 1996 24th edition of Harper’s Biochemistry lists the eight Principal sugars which support proper cell structures and functions
  • Only 2 of the sugars are readily available in the global food chain
  • Cellular communication is fundamental to every aspect of human health
  • Our foods contain less than half the nutrient value/content we once thought

Do you think Our Planet could benefit with the New
Awareness of this Discovery?

Imagine if everyone knew about this Discovery!

What are doctors saying about this Discovery!



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