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Glyconutrients Discovery
Disruptive Technology

"When I was a medical student twenty years ago I was taught that the unusual sugars found on the coats of cells were mostly a nuisance that prevented scientists from studying the precious proteins entombed within them."

           -Sugars That Heal: The New Healing Science of GLYCONUTRIENTS

Those unusual sugars that were thought to be mostly a nuisance are now known to support the human body's "bio-network" of cellular processes.


This discovery is so revolutionary that it has been referred to as a “Disruptive Technology.”  As CD’s were to records, and computers are to typewriters, experts today are saying Glyconutrients are a “disruptive technology to pharmaceuticals.”


A disruptive technology is an event that can  radically change the world we live in.


In the world of urgent care and trauma, pharmaceuticals are a blessing. In this arena, these substances serve an indisputable purpose. What about in everyday life? In everyday life pharmaceuticals help alleviate aches, pains, fever, swelling, allergies etc.  They're treatments that relieve manifestations/symptoms of underlying problems/distress.


Are these substances really curing anything?  Do they truly fix any of the core problems? What about the side effects?  It’s in the news everyday…

“Pharmaceutical Drugs account for 100,000 deaths and $136 billion in medical costs each year.”

                                                                               -  Time Magazine, January 15, 2001

In essence, Glyconutrients are food.  Food supplies you with components and nutrients your body requires for support to build and repair living tissue- the chemistry of life.  What you eat, or more correctly, what you don't eat, will directly affect your cellular health!




 Have nagging doubts about Glyconutrients?  Please read this... Revolutionary Provisions for Life Enhancement and Optimal Health... Products with pharmaceutical grade research and development in the Emerging Wellness Industry... Learn how word of this technolgy will spread around the world.... The Wellness Industry has emerged- Are you Ready?

Modern medicine typically focuses on treating individual symptoms with drugs instead of the underlying problem.  If optimal nutrition is essential for good health, then nutrition may be more important to persons with compromised health conditions.




It's amazing what the human body  can accomplish
when supported from
Proper Nutrition

With all of this in mind, it is clear consumers searching for alternatives need to be well informed on the health-supporting benefits of Glyconutrients.


There is one way of sharing this knowledge that will suffice this need… Network Marketing.  This is simply a form of distribution where you learn about a new product or service you didn’t know existed before- by word-of-mouth.  Network Marketing is speculated to be the most powerful method of distribution!


“Network Marketing Has Become an Incredible Model for Bringing New Technologies to Market!”


The great thing about Network Marketing is it will safeguard the discovery of Glyconutrients from undermining “Pharmaceutical Agencies.”  This phenomenal
discovery can benefit a great many, as it can literally
spread "Under the Radar."


The next era of nutrition will focus on pharmaceutical grade
research and development
of natural occurring properties
plants, fruits, and vegetables which support good health. 


The Network Marketing concept has been adopted to distribute this
Health-Supporting Discovery among the entire world population! 

This has been referred to by Professional Network Marketers as:


 “A Network Marketer’s Dream Company!”

 Having nagging doubts about Glyconutrients?  Please read this... Revolutionary Provisions for Life Enhancement and Optimal Health... Products with pharmaceutical grade research and development in the Emerging Wellness Industry... Learn how word of this technolgy will spread around the world.... The Wellness Industry has emerged- Are you Ready?
Glyconutrients are a Health Discovery which:

  • May be a Missing Link in Proper Nutrition

  • Were Awarded “The Most Significant Progress Made In Biochemistry” for 1996

  • Support health at the cellular level

  • Are a direct source of newly identified nutrients not readily available in the global food chain

  • Underlies all nutrients

  • Every human being on this planet can benefit

  • Cannot be replaced by any combination of vitamins, minerals, aminos or herbs 

The details above are being shared by word-of-mouth.  Stewards of wellness have begun an ever-growing diffusion of this nutritional discovery which may impact virtually every aspect of human health!  The sharing has taken on a life of its own!  It will not be long before Glyconutrients are available in every country!

“In an industry in which health preservation has
become the new world focus, no technology offers
more promise than the discovery and use of the
specific carbohydrates recently recognized to be
fundamental in the support of functions and
structures of cellular processes.”

Exclusive Rights!

Patents have been filed in every country that is part of the patent treaty. The growing international patent portfolio includes Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan and the USA! While patents have been granted, applications are still pending in the remaining countries. Once the patent issues, however, anyone "copying" such a product must cease the sale of the product to avoid the risk of legal action resulting in damages owed to the patent holder. In such an instance, the patent holder will be positioned to supply products for the market that has, in effect, been created by its competitors.


The Unique Proprietary Patent protects business investments and prevents any "copycat" manufacturers from using any combination of two or more of the sugars that make up the carbohydrate complex. This will also keep inferior quality copycats from surfacing.  A superior nutritional discovery has been established! The pace is being set for scientific research in nutritional supplements innate to human physiology which support health and well-being at the cellular level through improved nutrition!


Listen to a doctor, a former high ranking, award winning United States Patent
and Trademark official as he explains patenting the Glyconutrient Complex.


The exclusive Proprietary-Patented-Rights along with the published cutting-edge research make this truly unique in the rapidly growing industry of “Global Wellness." It has been speculated that this could be the most powerful patent in the world of technology! It has even been referred to as the "Patent of Hope."

No Company In The World Can Copy
This Incredible Breakthrough!


With your help and all Fellow Associates herein, the world can and will benefit.




There is no catch.  Remember, this is by word of mouth…it’s Network Marketing. 

For all intended purposes, MANNABODY.COM is a link, a facilitator, a point of convergence between you and this Revolutionary Discovery.  Believe when I say I’m excited, grateful, and proud to be able to share such a significant breakthrough with you and all I come across!  I am simply sharing this knowledge!  Contact the person who referred you to this site to learn more!


Contact the person who referred you to this site to learn more about Glyconutritionals OR click here to contact me- Albert Jimenez!  


The world population's ever-growing
demand for wellness products



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