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The effects of antioxidants are crucial to preserving health and longevity. Foods high in antioxidant nutrients have been shown to protect against oxidative stress.

Scientists today speculate that the accumulation of free radical damage which occurs throughout your lifetime causes the eventual loss of vitality in aging.  Researchers have concluded that over 70% of all diseases and aging are caused by oxidants/free radicals. 

Foods high in antioxidants can help support your body’s ability to:

  • Defend your health by defending overall immune system function. 
  • Protect against the attack, stress, environment that contribute to free radical damage and can speed up the aging process.
  • Restore cellular health and the overall balance your body may have lost due to the harmful effects of pollutants in the air we breathe, water we drink, and lives we live.

Scientists now believe free radicals are causal factors in nearly every known disease.  By controlling free radicals; antioxidants can influence how fast and how well we age.  More than 70% of Americans will die prematurely from diseases caused by or compounded by deficiencies of antioxidants.  It is virtually impossible to get the optimal amount of antioxidants through food alone.

                           -Dr. Lester Packard, University of California Berkeley

How are you supposed to get an "optimal amount" of antioxidants? 

A scientific approach has been taken to develop a blend of unique antioxidants together with Glyconutrients.  "When antioxidants are taken with glyconutritional sugars, there is a gradual release that allows antioxidants to act as radical scavengers throughout the digestive tract."  It actually generates a synergistic benefit to reduce free radical damage and support good health.

A Scientific Approach for Dietary Supplements Incorporates
The Best of What Nature Has to Offer

Five antioxidant food extracts were chosen based on their known benefits, and are also indigenous in cultures that live long healthy lives.

The five antioxidant food extracts:

  1. Quercetin dihydrate
  2. Grape skin extract
  3. Green tea extract (leaves)
  4. Australian Bush Plum (highest amount of vitamin C)
  5. Tocopherols (vitamin E)

Next, a Phytochemical Complex with dehydrated fruits and vegetables was added to the formulation. The best ingredients from nature which work synergistically in the body to help protect, defend, and restore cells. Finally, Glyconutrients were added through a compaction process designed to enhance the ability of glyconutrients to provide a more sustained release of antioxidant ingredients.

The supplement blend was designed to closely resemble food and "contain a balance of antioxidants, to release them slowly to sustain protection, and to protect the active compounds by limiting their exposure to oxygen."

The synergistic blend of antioxidants is designed to help counter the harmful effects of toxins, other environmental sources of stress, daily physical stress and poor diet- all of which damage your body's DNA, cells, tissues and lead to premature aging. 

The antioxidant effects were examined on humans (below).  It was found that it provided over twice the protection offered by an additional five fruits and vegetables to the diet.

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