It is the province of knowledge to speak,  

         and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen.

                                  Oliver Wendell Holmes



Hi!  My name is Alberto Jimenez.  My friends call me Albert.  Iím going to tell you a little about myself so you:

         Can understand why Iíve put this website together

         Can be confident about the information Iím sharing


Since you're here, youíre definitely interested in your health and well-being.  Thatís great!  Itís something you and I have in common! 


Some of my friends would dare to say Iím a fanatic or even obsessed when it comes to staying fit and eating healthy.  I see it as a way of life.


Donít get me wrongÖ  I'm no Jedi-guru health freak!  In fact I love to indulge in a good pizza or cheeseburger just like anyone else.  I even have those occasional days where I lay on the sofa, veg-out, and enjoy a marathon of my favorite movies. We all need days of rest where our bodies do little to nothing. 


I managed a local gym for about four years.  Being a passionate and resourceful person, I learned quite a bit in that time.  I eventually became a more than proficient personal trainer, if I do say so myself.  It was my job to instruct proper technique, form, nutritional knowledge, and supplementation. 


My diligence to know how and why the latest health innovations work gave me a definite edge in achieving the best possible results.


Well I'm excited to say that I've come across a health discovery which has been said to be "One of The Technologies That Will Change The World."  This literally fell into my lap.  A friend introduced me to this "nutritional breakthrough" called Glyconutrients.  I had never heard of them and they were not available in any stores.  Being a natural skeptic, I didn't believe a word, but I was very intrigued. I was willing to do my due-diligence!


I learned a new field of science has emerged called Glycobiology/Glycomics (research on sugars).  It was referred to as one of a handful of technologies that will change the world by a technology magazine.  


I found myself dissecting everything related to this.


To my surprise, I found it was a true natural-discovery which scientists worldwide are researching today.  As you read this, journals and studies are being published by scientists all over the world which list many benefits to physiological functions and processes of the human body.


"Today nearly every plant known for its health properties shares at least one common factor- it has one or more of the eight sugars identified as vital for proper cell-to-cell communication."


This is why I've spent countless hours developing this website- to distribute key information to you.  In fact I had to learn all of this Internet stuff from scratch! I barely knew how to retrieve my e-mail let alone develop a website! 


There are many people which have had incredible life-changing experiences. In fact right now the company is using this amazing technology and donating the product to children all across the globe! They're doing it using an innovative donation through consumption funding model. Learn more about this!


The discovery of glyconutrients is something that is worth sharing with every human being on the planet!  As a fellow human being, I feel it is an obligation to bring this awareness to as many people as I can.  Anyone can be a part of this great purpose of:

  • Making a difference Worldwide!

  • Sharing the Knowledge of a Nutritional Technology

  • Attaining Health and Wellness

  • Enabling the average person to create financial freedom for themselves and their families

  • Empowering those who are truly ambitious and talented to excel and earn more than they would in a job in "the real world"

  • Better Solutions for Global Health and worldwide social economy

A force of average people is getting this knowledge out right now!


I believe this technology will literally advance human health as we know it!



For more information please contact the person who referred you to this site.